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Imagine Gifting Done: Lisa's Picks for the Perfect Gift

Everyone who knows me, know that I am always searching for perfect accessories that intersect design with function. Those that bring peace, harmony, and happiness into a home. During holiday festivities, times of adding excess stuff to our already cluttered lives just does not feel right. Tis this season for togetherness and gratitude, giving gifts with purpose and meaning. May we continue to share in simple pleasures and look forward to rewards from imagining it done.

Imagine it Done Gift Guide

Here are Imagine it Done's picks for the perfect gift.

The links below include affiliate links, which means that Imagine it Done could earn a small commission at no cost to you for any purchases made. Please note, all products are Imagine it Done‘s favorites used on site and approved by our clients.

1. Gleener Fuzz Remover: Say goodbye to piling sweaters & outerwear. Thank us later.

Gleener Fuzz Remover

2. & 3. Something Navy Cashmere Set. Sweater and Pants: Stay cozy this holiday season in this matching set.

Something Navy Cashmere Set Sweater

Something Navy Cashmere set pant

4. Hill House Home Pillow Set: Never forget whose side is whose.

Hill House Home Pillow Set

5. Ralph Lauren Travel Set: Travel in style & comfort with this cashmere set.

Ralph Lauren Travel Set

6. Diptyque Electric Diffuser: Keep your home smelling fresh.

Diptyque Electric Diffuser

7. Smythson Journal: Make a list, check it twice.

Smythson Journal

8. Cuyana Jewelry Case: Store your jewelry in this perfect travel accessory. It will keep your jewelry organized and safe.

Cuyana Jewelry Case

9. Pehr Pom Pom Pints: Storage and style, it is a win win.

Pehr Pom Pom Pints

10. Eucalyptus Shower Spray: Bring the spa to your home.

Eucalyptus Shower Spray

11. Halsa Wellness Acupressure Mat: Start your morning with an Acupressure stretch.

Halsa Wellness Acupressure Mat

12. Vianel Backup Battery: Never hit 0%.

Vianel Backup Battery

13. The Container Store Acrylic Drawer: Our go-to product for jewelry organization and accessory storage.

The Container Store Acrylic Drawer

14. Imagine it Done Gift Packages: An Organized Space is an Organized Mind is an Organized Life. Give the gift of Imagine it Done services. Email for details.

Imagine it Done Gift Packages

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