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Clients tell all: 'It finally felt like home'

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Cassandra.

We decided to work with Imagine It Done as a couple soon after our wedding. We moved into our apartment a few months before we got married, and the move combined with incoming registry gifts soon left us drowning in boxes. Our apartment felt so chaotic and unsettled. 

We were initially planning on working with Imagine It Done just to sort through our weddings gifts and kitchen area, but we quickly realized that in a smaller apartment, every room impacts another. After a few days with IID, our apartment was truly transformed. Not only were all of our beautiful gifts from friends and family incorporated into our apartment, but we also felt like we could breathe in our space. It finally felt like home! 

The Imagine It Done team truly finds organizational solutions that make sense and are functional. The fact that we have been able to maintain everything is such a game changer and has always been an issue in the past. Over a year later, I still feel grateful for the IID team every time I walk into my apartment. 

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