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4 Ways To Style Your Art For Function

Lisa with an art piece

Imagine It Done curated a selection of art work with ArtSugar where a portion of the proceeds from the collection will be going to Dress for Success, an amazing organization that empowers women throughout the globe.

ArtSugar is a platform connecting like-minded influencers with artists by using their personalities to curate their favorite artwork. Each influencer may choose their favorite artists and a portion of the proceeds from this will be donated to the charity of their choice.

Lisa selected her favorite to artwork not only to curate her apartment, but also to maximize space. Any space can be beautiful, but beauty does not necessarily always mean function. Lisa clearly demonstrates how to expertly combine and execute a variety of different styles of art in your home.

art pieces curated to maximize space

Using Art Above The Bar Cart:

A functional way to organize your art is by utilizing the wall space above your bar cart. The bar cart is not just a tabletop surface, but rather a space to reveal your personality. Your space should reflect your personality and be inviting for your guests. The placement was deliberate. The display was based on categories of the art to make a perfect grid.

art displayed above a bar

Place Art on an Easel In The Bedroom:

If space is a commodity in your room, it is best to display art, placing it on an easel either on a nightstand or by the window. Lisa selected "kiss" for her daughter Emily's room a fresh and feminine design surrounded by Venus et Fleur pink roses.

art displayed on an easel

Easel On A Desk:

A fun way to enhance your desktop is by adding art that calms your senses, creating a clutter free space. An interesting option, consider placing your art on an easel if wall space is limited. Lisa wisely chose a soothing image, "high seas" to live next to her organized piles of paper.

art on a desk

Art Against A Window:

The final option is to place art against a window. Be mindful to select art that is not too distracting with placement in front of a busy city view.

art against a window

For more on Lisa’s curated collection with ArtSugar and to check out all of their beautiful art, click here.


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