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8 non-toxic and eco-friendly home products you need

woman sleeping in a bed

You have probably seen a trend in the wellness world lately, especially when it comes to healthier home products. It is our job to stay afloat of the latest brands that we think our clients and followers should know about. Check out our current favorite eco-friendly cleaning and home products that we think you will want for you and your family, that are affordable, healthy, and functional.

Beron Eco-Friendly Laundry Ball

Beron is an excellent and eco-friendly way to clean your washing machine for up to 1500 washings, this bio-ceramic ball is derived from natural mineral from the earth. It works by increasing the pH level in the water during a cycle, which helps to reduce the negative irons in water, eliminates mold, bacteria, and odors. and helps to keep clothes cleaner and fresher. Plus, it is gentle on your skin and your baby’s.

Beron eco-friendly laundry ball

Avocado Green Pillow

Trying to catch some z’s naturally? This non-toxic pillow from Avocado Green Mattress is made from natural latex and Kapok Fill and wrapped in a certified organic cotton cover. Normal pillows are filled with synthetics and chemicals, which we inhale and expose our skin while we sleep. Avocado’s pillows are chemical and allergen-free, provide resilient support, pressure-relief and allow you to sleep light and cool throughout the night. Plus their materials can be taken out to ensure the perfect comfort level based on your individual need.

An Avocado Green Pillow is non-toxic

Buffy Comforter

The number one question we are constantly being asked about is bedding. We were introduced to Buffy’s eco-friendly comforter, made of plant-based materials to help keep you cool. Rather than down, they use eucalyptus to make their softer than cotton comforter and allergen-free. Not only are they cruelty-free and save geese, they also use recycled bottles to renew resources. It’s a great comforter on its own, or can be used as a duvet with a cover. You can try Buffy free for 30 nights!

Buffy Comforters are eco-friendly bedding

Puracy Natural Home & Kitchen Cleaning Set

This 5-piece set from Puracy is the perfect way to start your non-toxic journey without feeling overwhelmed. Included in the set is a natural dish soap, natural hand soap, natural stain remover, natural multi-surface cleaner, and natural laundry detergent. The line uses plant-based materials instead of harsh chemicals to clean your home, and are never tested on animals.

Puracy natural home and kitchen cleaning set

Berkley Green Nursery Cleaning Kit

For all the moms out there, we know you want to keep your child safe from toxic chemicals, that's why we love this Berkley Green Nursery Cleaning Kit. The set of three comes with a their Ultra Dish Soap, Baby Bottle Wipes, and Baby Odor Remover.

Berkley Green Nursery Cleaning Kit

Brooklinen Sheets

Brooklinen uses the finest threads and cotton fibers to create sheets that breathable, soft, and free of chemicals. Starting at 280 thread count up to 480 thread count collections come with sheets and pillowcase sets.

Brooklinen Sheets

EuroSpa Aromatics Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist and Steam Room Spray

One of our favorite products to use in the shower and in the bedroom is the EuroSpa eucalyptus spray. The therapeutics oil helps fight respiratory inflammation and brings a state of relaxation to your mind. This natural solution will make you feel as if you escaped to a spa, and will allow you to breathe more deeply.

EuroSpa Aromatics Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist and Steam Room Spray

Reusable bags

Using reusable bags are a great for the environment and your wallet. We love using Stasher’s non-toxic silicone bags for keeping our food fresh and keeping makeup and accessories in them for on-the-go. They are dishwasher friendly, and can be boiled in water, perfect for veggies.

Food on a cutting board

Earth Junky Cotton Produce Bags

Earth Junky makes great organic cotton produce bags, perfect for bringing with you to the grocery store and reducing plastic use. They are washable and keep your refrigerated items fresher for longer.

organic cotton produce bags

Bring non-toxic and eco-friendly Products part of your home

Check out our shop to view more of our recommended cleaning products. And for additional help with your cleaning routine, check out our Cleaning Bundle.

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