4 ways to use one of our favorite products

This product is one that we order in bulk for every project, knowing we will use every single one. Introducing, drumroll please .... the White Plastic Bin!

These clean and simple storage bins are functional in all different kinds of spaces, here are our top 4 ways to use them!

1. Laundry Room

These plastic storage bins are perfect in the laundry room. They can easily hold your detergents, dryer sheets, and anything else you need to contain. The clean aesthetic lends well to what you want your laundry room to be - clean!

2. Utility/Cleaning

Do you hate the way all your cleaning supplies look in your utility closet? Enter the white plastic bin! Spray bottles fit perfectly in here, and the dip in the front makes for easy access. The large size is perfect for toilet paper and paper towels!

3. Playroom

Why are these the ideal playroom organizational accessory? They are easy to clean! We know the mess that comes with kids, but with these bins you can categorize every play-dough, crayon and sticker to perfection, and rinse them out in the sink whenever they get messy!

4. Office

Do tangled up cords and extra chargers give you anxiety too? The white tapered bin hides the mess! They also look great with labels, extra organization points!!

You can shop the bins here. Happy organizing!

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