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Perfect your packing with these six tips

Can you believe it’s already Memorial Day? It feels like this holiday hits us out of nowhere every year, leaving us little time to plan and pack! Luckily, we have some tried and true tips to get you packed quickly and efficiently for your next trip!

Clothing items laid out for packing

1. Categorize into Days

When you begin packing for a trip, think about how many days/nights you’re going to be gone, and what your plans are. It helps to actually write out each day and what you might need for any events, that way you don’t forget anything! Even if they are vague, you can still give yourself options.

Example: Saturday – wake up and go to breakfast, head to the beach and then out to dinner. You’ll need 3 outfits for 1 day! *Tip* choose items that you can wear more than once over the vacation.

2. Check the Weather

You’d be surprised how many people forget this crucial step. You may have a vision in your head of what your vacation is going to look like, but with how temperamental Mother Nature has been lately, you could be in for a surprise! Be sure to bring extra layers and at least one pair of closed toe shoes!

3. Choose Wisely

Bring your current favorite pieces. Don’t bring you haven’t tried on, chances are it’ll just end up taking up room in your suitcase!

4. Travel Outfit

A comfortable travel outfit is key, no matter what the mode of transportation is! If you’re sitting in a car or on an airplane, you want to be comfortable. Slip on shoes if you’re flying, and extra scarf or sweater just in case the air conditioning is on too high. Picking an outfit you can wear on the way there and back is a good idea, one less thing to pack!

5. Basics Checklist

These are the items we bring with us no matter the trip!


-Hand sanitizer




-Everyday toiletries (makeup, skincare, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush etc.)


6. Use EZ Packing Cubes

These are our absolute favorite product to use for packing! The clear cubes make it so easy to categorize your items in your suitcase. You can easily see what you’ve packed and where everything is! They are perfect for toiletries, shoes, clothing and anything else you are bringing!

Check them out here, and use our discount code IMAGINEITDONE for 15% off your order!

EZ packing cubes

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and we all kick off the summer with some fun!

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