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Quick & Easy Coffee Table Styling

A disorganized table

Styling your coffee table is a great way to express your creativity and showcase a few of your favorite things. Keep reading for our tried and true methods when we’re working on our clients tabletops!

1. Section out your table.

Designate one, two or three (not 4!) corners or sections you want to work in and stick to them. This brings us to our next tip…

2. Keep open space for entertaining!

You want to leave space on your coffee table for you and your guests to actually put down coffee.

3. Use contrasting colors.

If your coffee table is neutral, choose décor or books (one of our favorite items to style) in bold colors. If your coffee table is black or dark wood, try lighter or even metallic books and accents.

coffee table with decor items

4. Use a tray.

This is not to collect all the clutter, but to display a few of your favorite smaller items. We like using candles, a small plant and coasters! This will help give structure to a messy tabletop instantly. Be selective with what you're choosing to display.

5. Don’t be afraid of adding height.

When everything is at the same level, or too close to the table we lose interest. Play up texture and height with some greenery, or one stack of a few extra books. Bonus points for stacking something cute on top of a stack of books!

6. Check all angles.

Like any artist stepping back to admire their work, walk around the table! Everything should be visually appealing from all angles. For example, picture frames are better suited for bookshelves, where there is just one preferred vantage point.

7. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Coffee tables can be conversation starters, so show off who you are!

clean and organized coffee table

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