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How To Organize Jewelry the Imagine It Done Way

At Imagine It Done, we are constantly on the look out for more functional, eye catching, and innovative ways to organize jewelry & accessories! Because jewelry is considered to be sentimental, many of us will hold on to our pieces for years! We're going to show you a few of our favorite way to store and display your crown jewels.

1. Store jewelry in acrylic drawers

acrylic drawers for jewelry organization

We LOVE the Luxe Acrylic Large Modular Drawer from the Container Store. These boxes stack, and are super versatile. We use them for all different types of accessory storage, such as: make-up, belts, small handbags, and of course, organizing jewelry! These are definitely one of our go-to products from the Container Store.

P.S. For a more creative and customized look, you can line the drawers with your favorite silk scarf & lay the jewelry over it.

2. Lay your jewelry on velvet inserts

velvet inserts for jewelry organization

Velvet is not only the on-trend fabric for winter, but this rich fabric is used beautifully as a drawer insert for your jewelry! You can even get affordable versions from Amazon, Target, & Etsy. If you want a slightly more sophisticated look, try suede. If you want custom inserts, email us and let us know and we'll refer you to the best.

3. Try a D.I.Y. project for jewelry organization

If you want something super affordable and creative, try a DIY project to organize jewelry! We love the idea of using driftwood or branches to hang necklaces and rings. They display magnificently and will be functional storage.

Another awesome DIY project we found online was to frame a piece of printed burlap for your earrings! Click here to see how it was done.

4. Use upscale safes to keep jewelry secure

We're obsessed with these upscale safes! These are perfect for storing your expensive and/or sentimental jewelry. Our favorite part is that these safes already come with jewelry inserts and can be customized to fit your need. Our favorites we like to use to organize jewelry are from Empire Safe.

5. Organize jewelry with trays

Jewelry trays

Trays are a perfect example of an Imagine It Done approved organizational accessory because design meets function. Trays and catch alls are so pretty, come in all different sizes and fabrics. They will dress up a coffee table, entry way console, or nightstand, and help you organize jewelry at the same time.

Looking for more organizational products? Try our shop.

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