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Top 4 Organization Essentials for College Students

Start 2018 off right, college kids, by organizing your dorm! As a freshman, campus life can mean a time for transition by taking care of yourself and your space. Students are notorious for being messy and disorganized, but at Imagine It Done, we are here to help with some tips, tricks, and tools.

1. Upgraded Notebook

organized college notebook

Instead of using various notebooks for each specific class, buy one notebook with dividers and designate each divider per class.

Another great tip is to add a "goals" section to your notebook. It will help you plan out your work and personal objectives so you can achieve them!

2. Color Coordinated Supplies & Accessories

color coordinated office organizer

One of our favorite office supplies brands, Poppin, sells monochromatic desktop accessories. This is great for a clean, streamlined look.

Color coordinating not only looks great, but will allow you to focus more on your work!

3. Use Your Wall Space!

wall organizer

As college students, you receive many promotional advertisements, flyers, and creative notes & cards. Place them decoratively on a cork board or create your own wire board like the one featured to the left. Add some photos of your friends and family and create a little scrap-board-like wall. It will also help you keep your desk neat!

4. On The Go Essentials

Organized bag for school supplies

Campus life means being constantly on the go! Whether it's going from class to class, meeting up for clubs and greek life, or hanging out with peers, students rely on a to-go bag that carries everything! Start organizing your bag from large to small, with laptops first, then add folders, and then notebooks. Make sure to utilize the side pockets in your bag as they are there to help you organize small items! If you need additional help, you can purchase one of our favorite bag organization inserts from Pursen!

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