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Maximizing your small space to the max

Imagine it Done’s guide to moving into --and living well in-- your small space 



With the start of summer brings the busy season of moving as many young millennials are taking the big step of settling into their first real independent home. Whether preparing to move into your first college dorm, or having just graduated from college and are moving into your very first adult apartment, moving into a small space can feel daunting as you start to think about how you will actually fit all of your stuff into the space!


Not to worry -- Imagine it Done is an expert in tackling small spaces and organizing them perfectly for your lifestyle, with no nook and cranny overlooked for space maximization. And this topic could not be more relevant as I just moved two of my kids into new NYC studio apartments last week! My team and I were on hand to capture and impart the tips and tricks applied to these two jobs. We are so excited to share them with you to maximize your small space to perfection. 


Read on for our most practical advice and clever solutions and follow us on Instagram to see how we orchestrated the move-ins. And always remember, an organized space is an organized mind is an organized life! 



Tip 1: Invest in a storage bed



Storage beds are a great way to store bulky items including extra linens and towels, out of season clothing, memorabilia, and more. It's your very own storage unit in your apartment! You can generally find two types of storage units: a pull up bed or set of drawers.


Here are a few options we love:



Swami Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Malm Full Platform Bed

Malm Queen Platform Bed



Tip 2: Accessorize to Maximize



Maximize the height of all spaces with organizational accessories. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is your best bet to utilize every square inch of vertical space. Key accessories within tight spaces will help keep everything in place as efficiently as possible to maximize to the fullest. 


Check out this storage cabinet from Elfa:



Elfa Decor 4 White Storage Cabinet



Tip 3: Create storage behind doors




Behind the door is a gold mine of an opportunity to create a hidden, storage solution. In your closets, adding a whole extra pace to store shoes and accessories. In your cabinets, adding a whole extra place to store spices, pantry items and cleaning supplies.



Our favorite door storage options include:



White Elfa Utility Mesh Bathroom Door & Wall Rack Solution
Chrome Over the Cabinet Double Basket
InterDesign AFFIXX Plastic Organizer



Tip 4: Use risers to create shelf space



Risers are a great solution to create extra shelf and storage space in all areas of the home where there originally wasn’t. This allows you to fit in an extra level of items in the designated space whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom closet.


Here are two options:



Yamazaki Home Tosca Dish Riser

Single Chrome Corner Shelf


Tip 5: Invest in a free standing storage unit 



Trolleys or standing storage units are a perfect way to add additional storage space in narrow open areas of the home. Especially great for the bathroom and kitchen. Be sure to identify the perfect spot and measure your area before purchasing the correct unit. 


These free standing units are a great place to start:



Pottery Barn's Metal Etagere

CB2 Gallery White Bath Cabinet

Urban Outfitters Rolling Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Urban Outfitters Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart

YAMAZAKI home 7151 Tower Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart



Tip 6: Maximize empty wall space with floating shelves



We love using floating shelves to help alleviate space in tight clothing closets by curating the shelves with pretty accessories like handbags and clutches. Not only does this create extra storage but it allows you to curate and merchandise your walls. 


Try these ones by CB2: