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The Organizers Essentials Checklist: Pantry Edition

The Pantry is one of the most creative and super fun spaces to organize in your home. There are endless options in setting up what might be as small as a few shelves, cabinets, and drawers to an entire walk-in closet. Regardless of how sophisticated and curated you want to be, the plan for the set up is routine.

First step is to analyze the space. Review the dimensions and the amount of cabinets, drawers, and shelves allocated for your foods. And, most importantly, learn the actual purpose of a pantry. What items are placed in this mysterious place? Unlike the fridge, the pantry is for storage. I am referring to the ingredients for the foods you cook and prepare, snacks you and your family consume, inventory of food and kitchen supplies, and items that relate to cooking and serving materials.

OXO POP Cereal Dispenser

Every household has at least one cereal lover as well as those who munch on chips, candy, nuts- basically everything you buy in a container or bag. Bins and containers are purposeful for not only looking great, they are functional. The transfer of stuff from store bought bags and containers into our suggested items is termed DECANTING. This looks great of course, but more important in the process of decanting you are seeing the quantity of what you have and how often you need to refill. For example, the cereal decanted into a clear bin enables you to see how much is left, therefore how soon you need to restock! Saves you time and money.

OXO POP 5-Piece Canisters

The OXO containers are the ideal canisters for chips, nuts, pasta, rice, and lots of other pantry items. Size variety makes them super functional and streamlined for any shelf or cabinet.

If you don’t like the look of the OXO canisters, check out these other sleek, functional options.

ProKeeper+ Baker's Storage Set of 6

The baker's storage set makes finding all your ingredients so much easier! The bakers set keeps your ingredients sealed so they last longer. The canisters all stack and streamline space.

You’re not a fan of decanting? Ok, we have the solution. Categorize all your individually packed snacks, canned goods, inventory, etc. and select the bin that fits your item and fits into your space.

THE All Purpose Bin and iDesign Pantry Bins

We recommend using clear bins, visibility is the pro tip here. Looking for a sleeker, more high styled aesthetic? Here are some of our favorites!

Yamazaki Tosca Basket

We recommend labeling the bins as it makes unpacking groceries seamless and helps keep order. Designate a home for everything and you will never see clutter again. Don’t forget the most sensible, inexpensive accessory to lock up freshness to all bags. Bin Clips!

A lazy susan is the perfect tool to add to your cabinets and pantry! We often use them for oils and vinegars, peanut butters, condiments and spices. They are so fun to spin and much easier than digging through items in your pantry. Rather than stack items in rows, these bottles and jars are visible with a quick rotation.

Another great way to display spices, canned goods, and more is an Acrylic 3-Tier Shelf! Maximize depth and height.

Bamboo Lazy Susan

Introduce your pantry to a few of these products and see all the difference it makes. Remember to check expiration dates, categorize, decant and label, label, label!

Enjoy the time savings and efficiency for daily life in and out of the kitchen.

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