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Staff Spotlight: Liz Link, on-site organizer

Liz Link, Imagine it Done On-Site Organizer

Liz Link - On-Site Organizer

This is part of a series about the Imagine it Done team.

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How did you originally get in touch with Imagine It Done to start working as a professional organizer?

I reached out via email but I was introduced to the brand through Instagram. Once I realized this was the industry I was interested in, I wanted to follow all the brands, and after following for a few months I narrowed down my favorites. Imagine It Done was the one that always really stood out to me because it goes above and beyond organizing - there’s home tips and lifestyle and everything really.

Did you even know that careers like this existed before you found Lisa?

I really only learned it could be a career maybe 2 or 3 months before I started applying. It’s something I’ve always just really enjoyed because I like to be busy. So when I realized I could be busy doing that every day I knew it’s what I wanted to do!

Have you always been really organized or was it something you grew into when you got older?

I was definitely not always organized at all. I had ADHD as a child and I really had to train & teach myself how to be organized. But through teaching myself and reminding myself, 'OK Liz, everyone else has their desk like this all clean so you need to have yours like this too,' it became something that was hyper I guess! It formed over time.

I live in a big house with lots of siblings and no one else was ever clean, so eventually when no one was home I’d get back from school and just start cleaning.

What is your current favorite organizing hack?

Folding shirts into pants - like if you have a sweatsuit or a two piece set! Because I’ll always be using one thing and then can’t find the other!

organized work out clothing drawer

What is your favorite product to recommend for a client’s space or use in your own home?

The acrylic shelf dividers. I love them because the little divider makes such a big difference in how the big picture ends up looking. Smallest item that makes the biggest difference!

Clothing folded and stacked with acrylic shelf dividers

What is your favorite space to curate and organize in a client’s home and why?

Definitely the master closet. I’m a fashion student so it’s just really fun to be looking through beautiful clothes all day. I like figuring out how to organize their closets in a way they’ll be excited to get up and get dressed every morning.

Does helping clients donate and sell items they no longer need during the editing process inspire you to constantly be editing in your own space?

I am a huge sustainability person, so I love the fact we do so much donating. I have a lot of sisters so I’ve always had a lot of hand me downs. It makes me always want to clean out my closet, and I think it’s really important that we are always recycling our clothes.


What is the most rewarding part of helping clients in their home for you?

In the kitchen I think it’s so exciting when people realize if they just move a few things around how much easier it actually is to use their kitchen. The little changes that people haven’t thought about make such a difference, even in the efficiency and aesthetic of their life when they make small changes.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone who was thinking of going into a professional organization career what would it be?

Have good energy! It can be exhausting, and it’s a lot of redoing things; especially in New York City with small spaces you have to try things a few different ways. So having that positive energy and not giving up, coming with solutions, and not dwelling on the problem is important.