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Staff Spotlight: Danielle Estrella

Danielle Estrella, Product Coordinator for Imagine it Done

Danielle Estrella - Product Coordinator

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How did you originally get in touch with Imagine It Done to start working as a professional organizer?

My sister sent the link that she saw on SomethingNavy that Imagine It Done was hiring. We didn’t really know that organizing was a job, but she knew that I always did it in my own room and the house, so she sent it to me and encouraged me to apply. I looked Lisa up on Instagram and thought the business was so cool and something I’d really want to do. After four years in fashion, I was second guessing myself. I applied and Lisa reached out to me the next night!

Did you even know that careers like this existed before you found Lisa?

I definitely didn’t know it was a thing, and I also didn’t know that so much thought goes into it. Sourcing new products, how to maximize spaces, have them be functional, but also be able to make it beautiful is what I’ve been most shocked by.

Have you always been really organized or was it something you grew into when you got older?

I was more organized as a kid. When I was younger, before I went to bed, I always carried around a bag (I would carry around my money, my gum, and my lip gloss), and I would put them in little piles on my nightstand. I think as I got older, I got a little bit less organized, but I think if I had my own apartment or my own house I would probably stick to being more organized. I’m really good at doing it for other people, but for myself it can be hard.

What is your current favorite organizing hack?

Probably pants on kids hangers. I love it, I think it just changes the look of everything.

Closet organization trick: Pants on kids hangers

What is your favorite product to recommend for a client’s space or use in your own home?

The spice jars in the kitchen. I see so many people, especially on TikTok, who organize and then make videos of their beautiful kitchen, everything is organized in bins, but the spice jars are all different. I think to myself "If you just decanted the jars this would look 50x better. You’re so close, but you’re not there yet.

Organized and labeled spice jars

What is your favorite space to curate and organize in a client’s home and why?

Definitely the closets, because I love looking at everyone’s clothes! I also think that’s where clients are the most happy to see because it’s such a big difference.

I don’t like organizing this space but I love the before & afters of storage units. I feel like those are the spaces you make completely and totally different, like you wouldn’t even think it was the same space in the pictures.

Does helping clients donate and sell items they no longer need during the editing process inspire you to constantly be editing in your own space?

Every time I see an edit, and sometimes when people get rid of stuff, I think of things in my own closet and I'm like, you’re right, I have that and I haven’t worn it in years. I keep saying, "What if," but I have to tell myself "No Danielle, you don’t need that Santa outfit from when you were 7."

It definitely makes you do it more often. I just try to listen to what I say to my clients like "Have you thought about it? Are you going to use it? No - ok let’s get rid of it."

It also makes me think about how I no longer want to buy fast fashion and I’d rather buy better quality items.

What is the most rewarding part of helping clients in their home for you?

Their reaction at the end of how happy they are. I feel like a lot of people can’t get organized in their mind when their space is not organized. So helping them take that first step to getting organized in their home, and then they’re ready to get their life organized, being a part of that is a really nice feeling.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone who was thinking of going into a professional organization career what would it be?

Just do it and take the risk. It’s a growing industry and you learn a lot, not just about organizing but having your own business. We learn a lot from Lisa and how she made her business so successful, and it’s also a lot of fun. Make sure you’re always on the internet researching what competitors are doing because it will help keep you relevant.