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Our Partnership with Google Tour Creator

Bringing Imagine it Done 260

We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Google! We have been working with the Google Tour Creator team for the past few months, utilizing their exciting new 360-degree virtual tour tool.

This is a new platform for Google, and they have hand-picked a few businesses to highlight and showcase how it can enhance different industries. For our industry in particular, we are able to show prospective clients an entirely new view on what we can do in their space. We’re now taking a photo, something that is seemingly one dimensional, and totally transforming it into an interactive tour. We can take prospective clients inside past projects, showing every corner and enhancing our explanations of what we can do in a new and different way.

We are using the Tour Creator tool mainly for taking pictures of our clients’ spaces. We take before and after pictures, but more importantly, pictures during the organization process. Tour Creator actually brings you into the during, and it’s been so amazing. We have never been able to share the during, which really shows the whole scope of the project with clients.

Another way the Tour Creator is benefiting us is for our social followers. We have grown a base of fans and followers who are not just New York based, but all over the world. With this new content, we are able to take them into the spaces with us and continue engaging with them and giving them the organizational tips they look forward to in a much more compelling way.

Our clients can attest to the fact that we’ve been bringing this crazy looking camera with us on every job, but it truly is enhancing the way we can promote our business. It has the potential to have such a ripple effect on our social presence, allowing everyone to see deeper into the daily life and projects of Imagine It Done.

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