Mother's Day Feature: Alex Toccin

This is the fifth in our series about mothers we admire. You can see the previous days here: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4.

New York City-based husband and wife duo Alex and Michael Toccin, have made their mark in the fashion industry by helping inspire women to feel confident in their style choices and by extension, the other areas of life that are influenced by fashion.

The couple has spent 15 years becoming trusted experts in the industry and deeply understand women who love to shop and shop smartly. They launched Stylists to a T as a resource to cut through the noise and carefully curate trends and style advice for their followers.

In 2019, Alex and Michael Toccin, created Toccin New York to offer women an inclusive collection that will take them from meetings to evenings, and everything in between.

You have a young child. How are you able to balance home life while having a full-time job?

I have one little girl who turned two in January. She is so much fun and has been such a joy to be with during this time. She has grown up so much and really has become a little girl overnight. It was definitely an adjustment at first with our WFH schedules, but my husband and I have managed to be able to change up our schedules so that we can balance both home life and our jobs while being surrounded by family.

How do you organize your home while keeping your kid in mind? How are you able to manage all of her stuff?

I absolutely love The Container Store, a p-touch and putting away everything in their spot at the end of the day.

Which parts of your own life are the most and least organized?

Most organized I would say are my routine/schedule and my closet. Having an organized closet really makes me happy. Least organized is our storage unit. We have been throwing everything down there, and I cannot wait to get rid of things in our storage.

Your number one tip for a new mom:

Patience is absolutely everything!

What is the perfect gift for a new mom?

An organizer (like your amazing team) to come in your home post quarantine life and help you really organize.

How did you get your start and what was your initial inspiration?

My husband and I both love fashion and are inspired by so many brands and businesses. The initial inspiration for both of our businesses were opportunities that we saw in the marketplace. For @alexandmichaeltoccin, we started this platform to cut through the noise in the industry and help be that one stop shop for women, to tell them what to wear, how to wear it and where to buy it. For @shoptoccin, we found an opportunity in the marketplace to design dresses for women that they can wear from meetings to evenings and everything in between. We offer silhouettes and styles that are made for everybody.


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