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Clients tell all: Bringing peace during a pandemic

This is part of our ongoing series where clients tell their personal stories. Here is one from Erica Bernstien.

It may have taken a global pandemic, but I finally understand the importance and necessity of having an organized home.

Lisa and Imagine it Done had moved me and my husband into our existing apartment last year, but it was time for a refresh. We booked the project for the last week of February and I could not be more thankful for the timing.

Like everyone else, when it appeared things were starting to escalate, I wanted to make sure we were adequately prepared. I immediately went online and started ordering everything and anything I could find that I thought we may need. Thankfully my husband took away the computer and reminded me that Lisa had just been here. Hearing those words seriously provided a wave of calmness as I had been through Lisa’s magical process before.

The way IID operates enabled me to simply go to each area of my home and do a stock assessment with just a quick glance. I didn’t have to dive and hunt to see how many I had of something, or whether it was expired, broken, empty, etc.  If it was there, it was good and ready for use, regardless of the product. This also enabled me to easily and readily know the products we actually need and use, which literally saved me when the time finally came to place the online orders.  Being able to see everything that we had made me feel prepared during a time of tremendous uncertainty.

We soon realized the city wasn’t the best place for us and made the decision to join my parents on Long Island. We obviously wanted to get out as soon as possible before any shelter in place orders went into effect and to make it worse, had a lot to take with us. How was all this getting packed and into what?  Again, Lisa to the rescue.

When Lisa moved us into our apartment, she had us use certain products rather than traditional moving boxes for all of our items. Thankfully, they were neatly stored and easily accessible (as was everything) so packing was a breeze. We were able to get everything out to Long Island in such an efficient manner. 

Having the Imagine it Done team in my home and seeing how they do things was invaluable for me and my family. As soon as my husband and I got to my parents’ house I went to work. I knew I had to create an organized environment for me and my husband to work and live in and also, so my mother doesn’t kill me for taking over her entire house. It was a lot of work and definitely not as good as if the team had done it, but it has really made an uneasy experience that much better.  Once again, I am so grateful for Lisa and her having come into my life.  

Having my home organized and contained literally saved my bank account and my sanity during what I hope to be the scariest and most uncertain time for us all. Lisa always says it’s not about the before and after it’s about the during, and I’m here to tell this quick story for had I not been apart off the process this never would have been the life-changing experience it was and continues to be.

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