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Our tips on choosing the right hangers

Lisa Jacobs showing her favorite acrylic hangers

One of the simplest ways to streamline a closet is by switching out the hangers. With so many hangers to choose from, it can become complicated to select the correct type for your home. Whether it's the coat closet, master bedroom closet or even the kid's closet, it's important to understand that there is a hanger for every space.

Things to consider when shopping for hangers: closet size, garment size, season, and interior decor. Here are a few tips to using hangers for closet organization.

1. Use the same kind of hanger throughout your closet.

Different sizes, shapes and colors of hangers can just add confusion and disarray to your closet. Pick one kind and stick with it throughout each closet! It helps keep your clothes in line and hanging uniformly throughout your closet.

We recommend clear acrylic hangers, which provide less distraction and help keep clothes on the hanger instead of your floor. They have three different hanger colors to suit your style and come in packs of 10.

2. Categorize your clothes by season.

Keeping your clothes by season helps make it easy to find something no matter the weather. If you are limited on space, you can easily remove your summer items during winter and vice versa.

3. Put like-sized items together

Within each season category, keep your dresses, sweaters, blouses together. This will help from having lighter or smaller items get lost among bulkier garments.

Need more help with your closet? Check our our shop for recommendations on products that can help you get your closet organized.


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