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New Series: What's in my "___"

One of the first questions we always get from clients is, “Is your home incredibly organized?!”

We are so excited to share with you a new blog series where we'll be introducing our team members and sharing a favorite area in our homes. Get to know a little bit about each of us while getting a peek into our closets, pantries, and more! What better way to start than with our fearless leader and face of the brand, Lisa?

Lisa loves a linen closet moment, so she is choosing to open the door to her beautiful linen closet … let’s take a look!

Lisa Jacobs in front of her organized linen closet

The main categories Lisa keeps in her linen closet are:

  • Linens (duh)

  • Towels

  • Bins of health & beauty inventory

Let’s unpack each section a little further! From the top down, here we go.

On the top of the closet Lisa keeps her extra pillows and blankets. On her bed she has 4 king size pillows, 2 in medium firm and 2 in medium soft (just like a luxury hotel)!

Next she has her linens. She is in love with Cittadini and has turned a lot of her clients onto this amazing brand. A tip for maximizing space here is to fold the linens together in a set. This means putting the pillow cases inside the fitted sheet, inside the flat sheet. It also keeps everything together and organized!

Another product she always has on hand in her closet is the Mojito wrinkle release spray. She lives for this stuff!

Mojito wrinkle release spray

After linens comes towels! Also from Cittadini, Lisa keeps her extra bath sheets in the closet. She keeps two in the bathroom and four in the closet. What’s the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet you ask? Towels are the “regulation” size, while sheets are larger. Who doesn't like to live large, am I right?

On the bottom shelves, Lisa keeps labeled bins in the following categories:

Pain & Joint

Band aids, pain relievers, ankle braces, bandages, etc.

Shoe & Fabric

Shoe inserts, shoe cleaning supplies, suede brush, oil sponge. She also keeps her de fuzzer for sweaters, and a lint roller in here.


Travel toiletry bags and travel size products.

Hair Tools

Extra hair dryer (for guests) and any other big hair tools.

Hair Supplies

Extra shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments.

Health Aids

Extra toothpaste, medicines, heating pads, etc.


Needle and thread, general sewing supplies.

The thread that ties all these bins together? It’s all what we like to call, inventory. All the extra supplies and back stock for what doesn’t fit in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. You should keep one of everything you use daily in the medicine cabinet, everything else goes into inventory!

On the inside of the door to maximize space, she has hooks with robes for different moods! She likes to get comfy as soon as she gets home (don’t we all), but instead of reaching for a sweatshirt, Lisa puts on pajama pants and a robe. *Runs to buy all the pretty robes to be like Lisa*

An organized linen closet is achievable for all of us if we spend a little time and effort putting it together. Believe us, it’s worth it. Like Lisa always says, an organized space is an organized mind, is an organized life!

If you are looking for some products to help you get your linen closet organized, check out our product recommendations in our shop.

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