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10 tips to make laundry room organization a breeze

laundry room organization

We are thrilled to partner with LG Home Appliances on my absolute favorite organizational topic: laundry maintenance! Truly, I could talk about this for days and there is always more to learn to keep your wares in beautiful shape. Imagine it Done is all about creating strategies in the home for practical, efficient living. To that end, we put together our ten most important laundry organization and machine maintenance tips to help you care for your clothing, linens and towels beautifully.

This post is in paid partnership with LG Home Appliances.


1. Imagine it Done’s motto as it lives and breathes is: “An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life!” To that end, group your laundry room supplies in uniformed organizational bins with correct labels for both visual peace of mind and to keep your items categorized.

2. Invest in the installation of a utility rack to house mops, brooms, and bulkier cleaning items. This system is especially great for small spaces and such an efficient way to avoid clutter on the floor and in corners where they are typically stored.

3. Wall racks and brackets with a variety of different sized baskets mounted on the wall or inside a door, are an instant opportunity to create more storage and organization for laundry and household cleaning supplies.

4. Pesky allergens can linger in your clothing and bedding, aggravating allergy sufferers; especially during the fall and winter seasons. Invest wisely in a washing machine that is certified asthma and allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to nearly eliminate allergens. LG is the first to offer an entire portfolio of certified washers.

5. Installing a mounted drying rack on your wall is a perfect system to hang and dry your delicates, keeping them organized in, and contained to, the laundry area.

6. Install a shelf directly over the washer/dryer for your detergents and supplies and never place laundry liquids directly on top of machines. Heat and movement with plastic containers may cause spillage and spoil the liquids. Front-Load washers and dryers are best for freeing up space because you can put shelving right over them.

7. Imagine It Done recommends looking for a larger capacity washer to help you take on large loads faster. The new LG TurboWash 360 washer can tackle family sized loads in less than 30 minutes without sacrificing performance.

8. Did you know that after 30 cycles you should clean your washer? LG makes this easy by offering a Tub Clean cycle which you can select right on your washing machine, Imagine it Done and LG recommend using a proper washing machine cleaning agent (such as Affresh, Tide, Oxiclean and others) to help clean during this process.

9. If you are in the market for a new appliance, make sure you do your research first! Reputable organizations like Consumer Reports and American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) come out with yearly reports on customer reliability and satisfaction for appliance brands. These reports are based off consumer feedback and experience to help inform buyers on the best brands. LG home appliances took home the highest 2019 rankings in laundry for the second year in a row according to ACSI’s data.

10. Imagine it Done is all about living functionally and creating strategies in the home for efficient living. To that end, we recommend investing in appliances like LG’s newest line which features advanced TurboWash™ technologies. Appliances like these save you time and money in the long run with their shorter wash times and energy saving capabilities — a true win-win. Be sure to take time and get to know your appliances; read your manual carefully before operating for optimum results.

Interested in more of our recommendations on projects to keep your laundry room organized? Check out our shop.


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